Friday, October 15, 2010


There are possible solutions to juvenile delinquency.They include the following:
1.ENACTMENT OF GOVERNMENT POLICY AGAINST POOR PARENTING.As discussed already that parental responsibility is a cause is a pointer to the government to put up an adolescent-parenting or childhood parenting policy.Such policy will redirect most parents' attitude to good parenting while offenders will be made to face the wrath of the law.
2. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY.One thing that is capable of making someone get involved in such crime is unemployment.Most children, on the street today ,may be willing to stay far from crime if probably given a gainful employment.In most developing nations where gainful employment is scarce,its common to see young school leavers easily lured into torgery.What could have been responsible for some well educated fellows becoming an assassins or kidnappers other than joblessness.Providing meaningful employment is a natural way of  take evil far from the minds.
3. ADMINISTER SCHOOL DISCIPLINE.This will help, a great deal,to culture the kids as offenders shall be subjected to certain percentage of punishment depending on the degree of crime committed.At this juncture,parents must be reminded that if one spear the rod,one would spoil the child.Therefore, should allow the school authorities to be in full control over their children and accept when they are punished for wrong doing.
4. EXTRA MORAL STUDIES.It should become a matter of urgency for schools to add extral moral studies to her school curricullum as it will teach the kids morals and increase the fear of the creator in their heart.

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