Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Juvenile delinquency refers to the violation of laws and antisocial conduct in children bellow 18years.When it starts, in a kid,usually such children are never yielding to control from their parent.Its a serious menace in societies today that must not be taken with levity.The causes amongst others and  possible effects is on focus.


1.PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.In today's world,most parent have failed in their responsibility of naturing their children due to career pursuit.A situation where dad and mum lives home early in the morning and returns home perhaps late at night, 360days of the year, has ruined many kids.In this case, where the kids look towards no one for correction and exhibits whatever comes to mind. when nobody is there to watch over them after school has exposed some children to drugs addition, immorality, gangster etc.

2.PEER GROUP.Just as the saying goes " show me your friend and i will tell you who you are" , explains that bad company is a cause of juvenile delinquency.Those children who keep bad company  as friends have been lured to drugs ,immorality, gangster,drunkenness, robbery just to mention a few. Research has shown that many cases of antisocial vices among kids are as a result of who they hang out with.

3.IDLENESS. "An idle heart is the devil's workshop". When kids are idle, it easily puts them in a state of invention and discovery.But in this case, negative invention and discovery.Some children, took break hours in schools, as an idle time for to achieve their evil desire. Several schools' report has shown this.At home, many other kids took to watching adult labeled movies for lack of nothing to do.Some  are on the streets  and party,most week-ends just to keep themselves busy. All these put together has resulted evil among the kids.

4.MORAL FACTOR.We live in a world that has no regards for God ,our creator.Immorality has since replaced morality. Imagine what a child that has no regards for her parents or any one else would do.Some times, it amazes to find some kids' character questionable because their traits are so different from their parents.Other times , one may hurry to conclude that such kids are alien. Being moral makes any one to do what is right supposedly.
Putting all the above to consideration, it is obvious that its effects are inevitable. Some of them are as follows:
1.INCREASE IN SCHOOL DROP-OUT. Many school children have been advised to withdraw as a result of something bad they did like rape, engaging in robbery, impersonation, exam cheat etc after which many don't ever get back to school.This is affecting our society as it further leads to increase in crime.

2.CRIME ON THE MOVE. Of cause thats it. Crime, certainly ,is on the move daily so long as people, especially the under 18years have taken to evil. Juvenile delinquency made it easy for crime boost .

3.UNWANTED TEENAGE PREGNANCIES. For every action, there must be a reaction. Juvenile delinquency has resulted to  increase in teenage pregnancy in our every day society.A kid that often watch immoral films or hang out with bad friends would some day be influenced to practice.And when this happens, many a time, the casualties are never expected or ready to accept parenthood.Hence, the next door for them is abortion.

4.INCREASED ABORTION RATE.Abortion is rated high especially among the teenagers globally as shown from statistics.Although it is accepted in some countries legally does not mean it is right.Countless couple that take to child adoption may be as a result of reckless living in their teenage days, due to multiple abortion.The fetus or womb is very delicate and as such must not be stressed before marriage.

5.EARLY MARRIAGE.This concept is common with less civilized areas where some parent send their pregnant daughters to early marriages, caused by juvenile delinquency. When this occurs, that could be the end of education for such fellow and suffer the pains of illiteracy ever after.

6.SUDDEN DEATH. Death is inevitable to everyone but can be much earlier with juvenile delinquency.Many kids never lived to tell the story of what happened as death occurred in the process.Some other die daily as they have to suffer from the agony it has caused them ever after.

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