Monday, October 4, 2010


Learning has several meaning to different people.but all meanings boil back to the fact that one takes-in a knowledge.To become knowledgeable about a thing  should be taken seriously and for a successful learning, every learner should consider the following;

1 .READINESS. Readiness is very strong step to learning.A student who often lack proper preparedness to a class would certainly be half bathed in that topic.And because of this,such could hardly be successful in her test.Imagine a factory worker who is never ready to learn new things in the companiesor her area of specialization will soon be outdated in output.
2.MATERIALS REQUIRED.For anything worth learning requires materials.In some industries, its called tools.In the act and process of learning, the trainer,tutor etc must usually perform physical examples or exhibitions to the trainee or learners after which each learner must perform on her own following the trainer's instructions.So, it will be difficult for any trainee to practice without materials.
3.CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT.Many a time,most people learn in an un-conducive environment.The environment where one learns can help in facilitating quick assimilation and understanding.For example,students in a college built very close to a busy center will find learning very taskful because of the continuously noise often generated.Environment varies according to industries.There are industries where the best conducive environment is busy centers as others would prefer solitary or remote areas.
4.PASSION. Passion is the very determination any one needs to learn.During the process of learning, obstacles usually arises as challenges.but opting out at that time wont be necessary because
of the passion to learn.