Saturday, October 30, 2010

$20 Million Grant Awarded to Kentucky and Pennsylvania Schools

By Sandra Kelly

Low income students in the Louisville, Ky and Erie, PA areas just got a boost to their college educations.  As a part of the Investing in Innovation program, which was created as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, is granting $20 million dollars to increase college access for first generation, low-income, minority students.  The $20 million dollar grant was awarded to the D.C. based, non-profit Council for Opportunity in Education which will give out the money to specific schools.

This grant money will be used to support the Using Data to Inform College Access Programming in the 21st Century High School initiative, which aims to get help from local colleges and businesses to help raise college access for students who are least likely to seek a college education after graduating from high school.  These low-income, minority students attend and graduate from college at a much lower level than other middle and upper class students, which makes this grant money all the more important.

The program aims to help these low-income students in a variety of ways including combining online courses with physical classroom settings to help determine a student’s learning progress.  Computer programs will then determine the various subjects certain students need to focus on in order to be successful at the collegiate level.  Students will also receive extra counseling and academic advising as part of this program. This counseling will surely help less successful students focus their academic paths and figure out what classes they should take during their first couple of years in college.  By providing structured advertising, the Using DICAP program will allow students to get on a fast, concise track to graduation and not waste any precious money on college classes that will not be used towards a specific college degree.

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